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Why do Muslims use miswak

Why do Muslims use miswak ?

Miswack is a Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Its purpose is to maintain oral hygiene. It is used every time someone does Wudu, as well as in the morning and after eating. Islam places a high value on cleanliness, as evidenced by the Hadith and Quran. Miswsk is used to cure dental issues, preserve dental health, and conveniently clean teeth. Unlike dentifrices, which kill all bacteria—even healthy ones—it eradicates all bad bacteria.

What is a miswak?

An arak tree’s (Salvadora persica) twig, known as a miswak, is about the size of a pencil. Without the use of chemicals that eventually damage teeth, it thoroughly cleans teeth using natural means.

How to use miswak?

This miswak is a twig that is used for dental health when you wake up, after meals, and even before prayers to maintain oral cleanliness and a fresh breath. It is simple to use, and here’s how to do it: 

cut off 0.5 inches of the tip of the miswak with a knife, bite on it slightly to form bristles, and leave it in freshwater or rosewater for 8 hours if it’s dry. You can now use it to wash your teeth by moving it up and down on your teeth. After three or five days, cut off the tip and repeat the procedure.

Can I use miswak during fasting?

Since a miswak doesn’t break fasts, the answer is yes.

Is miswak better than a toothbrush?

In terms of medicine, utilizing natural methods rather than chemicals to maintain oral health is preferable. You must use toothpaste to clean your teeth when using a toothbrush. However, Miswak requires no water at all and can be used on its own. With Miswak, you can clean your teeth after eating or drinking coffee. It will keep your teeth free of stains and preserve the health of your teeth.

Is miswak religious in Islamic culture?

Using it is a sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) and it’s a Mustahab act. It is a way to maintain a clean mouth by brushing teeth without the use of a toothbrush. Additionally, the user of a Miswak will receive praise for following a sunnah. You can use it at any time to maintain your dental health, especially when waking up and after eating food.

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