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When is Laylatul Qadr 2024

When is Laylatul Qadr 2024 ?

As the holy month of Ramadan draws near, Muslims throughout the world get ready for the much awaited Laylatul Qadr, commonly referred to as the “Night of Power” or “Night of Destiny,” in addition to fasting and introspection. More than a thousand months of devotion are seen to be worth it for this one night of great significance. Even if we don’t know the precise date, knowing when Laylatul Qadr falls in 2024 can help us make the most of its spiritual advantages.

The Significance of Laylatul Qadr

The night that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) received the first verses of the Quran is commemorated on Laylatul Qadr. It is regarded as the holiest night of the year, when people connect with Allah, pray more intensely, and ask for forgiveness. In order to maximize their blessings and good acts during this night, Muslims work hard in the hopes of receiving great blessings and prizes.

Numerous Hadiths and Ayahs from the Quran discuss the significance of this auspicious night.

On this night, the Holy Quran was first sent down from heaven. The following Ayahs of the Quran also make this clear:

“Verily, We have sent it (this Qur’an) down in the night of Al-Qadr (Decree).”

(Surah Al-Qadr 97:1)

“Indeed, We sent it down during a blessed night.”

(Surah Dukhan 44:3)

“Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Quran, as a guide to mankind, also clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong).”

(Surah Baqarah 2:185)

What Day Is Laylatul Qadr 2024?

In contrast to other Islamic celebrations that follow the lunar calendar, the precise date of Laylatul Qadr is still unknown. This heightens its enigmatic quality and promotes genuine commitment throughout the final ten nights of Ramadan. Still, customs and academic views provide direction.

When Is Laylatul Qadr 2024 In Usa?

Itikaf can be started when the sun sets on the 20th of Ramadan and ends when the Eid moon is visible. The majority of academics concur that Laylatul Qadr occurs during the final ten nights of Ramadan, with the odd nights—the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, and 29th—having a higher probability.

It is narrated by Aishah (R.A.)

“When the last ten nights began (of Ramadan), Allah’s Messenger (S.A.W.) kept awake at night (for prayer and devotion), wakened his family, and prepared himself to observe prayer (with more vigour).”

(Sahih Muslim: 1174)

Odd Nights Of Laylatul Qadr 2024

The Islamic calendar predicts that Ramadan will start in the evening of March 23rd, 2024, and end in the evening of April 21st, 2024, subject to moon sighting. Thus, the final ten nights of Ramadan would occur from April 11 to April 20. Therefore, any of the following unusual nights could be Laylatul Qadr in 2024.

  • April 13th: 21st night of Ramadan
  • April 15th: 23rd night of Ramadan
  • April 17th: 25th night of Ramadan
  • April 19th: 27th night of Ramadan, considered the most likely night by many scholars
  • April 21st: 29th night of Ramadan

Preparing for Laylatul Qadr

During the odd nights of the final ten days of Ramadan, one might observe the following activities both individually and collectively:

  • Recitation of Holy Quran
  • Praying Nafl after Taraweeh Prayer
  • Remembering Allah (also known as Dhikr)
  • Making Dua (supplication) for yourself, your loved ones and the Muslim Ummah
  • Reading books of Hadeeth to learn about Sunnahs of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.)
  • Reading Tafseer of Quran
  • Giving charity Sharing blessings with those in need, amplifying the spirit of the holy month.


Although it is useful to know the precise date of Laylatul Qadr, the real significance is to practise authentic devotion and heightened prayer during the final ten nights of Ramadan. Regardless of the exact day, we can make the most of this auspicious night by concentrating on spiritual development, asking for forgiveness, and strengthening our relationship with Allah.


Is there an exact date for Laylatul Qadr?

No, the precise date of Laylatul Qadr is unknown. Although some people think it occurs on the 27th of Ramadan, the precise night is still unknown. Ramadan’s blessing is that you can pursue your reward during the course of the last 10 days.

What day is most likely Laylatul Qadr?

The majority of Muslims concentrate on the final ten odd-numbered nights of Ramadan (the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, and 29th), with many observing the 27th based on some narrations, however there is no clear-cut explanation. In the end, any of these evenings might be Laylatul Qadr.

What is the 27th day of Ramadan?

Simply put, the 27th day of the Islamic month of Ramadan is known as the 27th day of Ramadan. The Gregorian calendar date it falls on, however, varies annually and is decided by moonsighting each year according to the lunar calendar.

Is Laylatul Qadr just one day?

Indeed, it is thought that Laylatul Qadr occurs on a single night during the final ten nights of Ramadan. Nonetheless, a lot of Muslims exercise heightened devotion during these 10 nights in order to boost the likelihood that they will benefit from it.

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