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What is Itikaf

What is Itikaf ?

Itikaf Meaning In Islam

Itikaf is the practice of secluding oneself and committing all of your time to the worship of Allah (SWT) in a mosque or at home. During the final ten days of Ramadan, sitting in Itikaf is recommended by Sunnat-al-Muaqidah, or Sunnah that should be followed. Itikaf can be started when the sun sets on the 20th of Ramadan and ends when the Eid moon is visible. Whether the month of Ramadan lasts for 29 or 30 days, the Sunnah remains unchanged.Any other time of year, for any length of time, is acceptable for sitting in Itikaf. Mustahib is the type of Itikaf that is optional.

How To Do Itikaf ?

Men must perform Itikaf at a Masjid, where they are able to offer all five prayers in unison. If they have the appropriate facilities and seclusion.

Itikaf For Females

Females can perform in masjids as well. If not, they can practice it at home by finding a quiet area where they can meditate without being bothered.

Itikaf Rules

Eating, drinking, sleeping, or obtaining necessities is typical. Providing food and drink for the Itikaf attendees is incredibly fulfilling.


You can perform any act of worship, known as Ibadah, in Itikaf. Here are some good deeds that have been done:

  • Recite Al Quran
  • Recite Darood
  • Read about Islam
  • Make Dua
  • Talk/think about the good and righteous things
  • Do Taubah (repentance)

Leaving your place of Itikaf

If you have to use the lavatory or take a Ghusl (purification bath), fetch something for yourself, participate in the Jummah prayer, or are a Muazzin and have to give Adhan, you can leave your meditation spot.

Things to avoid

  • Foul talking
  • Buying or selling things in the Masjid
  • Having a quarrel or fight with someone
  • Disturbing other people in Itikaf around you
  • Bringing in too many items

Things that nullify Itikaf

  • Going out for some need and staying even after the need is addressed
  • Leaving your place without any reason
  • Having unwanted company while you are in Itikaf

Is Itikaf Compulsory?

In Islam, itikaf is not a required or obligatory act. Itikaf is a Sunnah (recommended) act of worship, although depending on its nature, it may become required in particular circumstances (e.g., vowing to perform itikaf makes it mandatory).

Do Leaving the Mosque Nullify Itikaf?

A person in itikaf is not allowed to leave the mosque where he is in itikaf unless it is for an essential purpose, like getting food or drink if no one else is available to bring it to him or to relieve a need like urinating or defecating. This also applies to going outside for medical attention or other essential human needs.

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