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Interesting Facts About Islam

Interesting Facts About Islam :

In order to avoid confusing our young children, we typically stick to the fundamentals and the easy things when teaching them about our religion. Since young children typically have a short attention span, we should normally start by telling them engaging stories and facts to keep them interested. If they get disinterested, they are unlikely to ask about the topic again and won’t learn anything. Therefore, this article, What Are 5 Interesting Facts about Islam, is for you if you’re a parent teaching your children about their religion, a child who wants to learn about your religion, or an adult who wants to learn more about Islam.

Interesting Facts About Islam

Islam has no discrimination:

Muslims are encouraged by Islam to treat everyone with respect and equality, regardless of their ethnicity, color, or creed.

There’s One and Only Allah:

There is just one Allah, and in Islam, Allah has no siblings, partners, kids, or family.

Attributes of God:

Islam places a strong emphasis on God’s qualities as “the Gracious and the Merciful.” Islam presents God as merciful and forgiving, constantly willing to pardon people.

The fundamental affirmation of the Islamic faith is concise:

“No one is deserving of worship except Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

For Muslims, this is the core belief of their faith, a fundamental and essential component.

Purpose of Life and Qirat Meaning in Islam :

Finding God is the ultimate aim for a Muslim. Islam emphasizes that acts of worship are means to an end rather than ends in and of themselves, promising believers the true reward of a personal relationship with God. 

Five Pillars Of Islam

Shahada (Declaration of Faith):

The statement “There is no God but God (Allah), and Muhammad is His Messenger” is found in the shahada, or declaration of faith. You must recite it three times in front of witnesses if you want to become a Muslim or convert to Islam.

Salah (Ritual Prayer):

  • five times a day, with the face towards Mecca.
  • Fridays are set up for Jum’a, or congregational prayer.

Zakat (Obligatory Donation):

involves giving away a percentage of extra money to a good cause or a stranger in need.

Sawm (Fasting Ramadan):

During Ramadan (sawm), Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, with a few exceptions for the elderly, the sick, pregnant, traveling, nursing mothers, prepubescent children, and women who are menstruating.


  • Hajj is an obligatory obligation for all qualified Muslims.
  • involves unique Mecca rituals and is an obligatory lifelong responsibility.

Biggest Sins in Islam

Shirk (Associating partners with Allah): 

It is seen as a grave sin to believe in or worship anything other than Allah. 


Islam firmly opposes the taking of another person’s life unjustly


In Islam, stealing something else’s property or taking it without permission is seen as one of the biggest sins.

False Testimony:

It is unacceptable to give a fabricated statement or withhold the truth, particularly in legal proceedings. 

Adultery and Fornication:

One of the greatest sins that one may commit in Islam is having sex outside of marriage.

Not only are these sins forbidden in Islam because they are immoral, but they are also unforgivable.

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