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Surah Qaf Benefits

Surah Qaf Benefits :


In the Holy Quran, Surah Qaf is surah number 50. The name of the surah comes from its first verse which begins with the Arabic letter ق (qaf).

What is the significance of the Surah Qaf?

On the Day of Resurrection, what will happen to the believers and the disbelievers, and giving proof to the disbelievers of Allah’s existence and power are the main themes of Surah Al Qaf.

What is the lesson of Surah Qaf?

The Surah mentions the power of Allah, the creation of the earth in six days, the Day of Resurrection, the reward of believers, how they will go to heaven, the punishment of the disbelievers and how they will go to hell. This Surah softens the heart and draws us closer to Allah, by reciting it.

Why was Surah Qaf revealed?

The 50 Surah of the Holy Quran is called Surah Al Qaf. It was revealed to the Prophet when he was in Mecca at the beginning of revelation. It was revealed to tell the people about the day of resurrection.

Surah Qaf Benefits

Strengthens belief in the afterlife:

The Surah emphasizes the resurrection and the Day of Judgment, and serves as a reminder to believers that this life is only temporary and there is eternity yet to come. This encourages good deeds and strengthens faith.

Contemplation of creation:

The earth, sky and mountains are among the wonders of creation mentioned in Surah Qaf. By thinking of these things one can appreciate the majesty and power of Allah.

Lessons from history:

Surah lists historical nations that were unfaithful and suffered the consequences. This emphasizes the importance of following the guidance of Allah.


The Surah discusses heaven and hell, the Day of Resurrection, the destiny of believers and disbelievers, how Allah created the universe, and reward and punishment.

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