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Surah Luqman Benefits

Surah Luqman Benefits


The Holy Quran’s surah number 31, or surah number 57 in the order of revelation, is Surat Luqman. It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad while living in Mecca. Among the surah is Luqman. Luqman is a wise and devout man who taught us many valuable teachings, which we will explore in this article.

Surah Luqman Meaning

Surah mentions Luqman According to the Quran, Luqman was a learned man in antiquity who was renowned for his piety and intellect. Despite the lack of precise information regarding his background, many academics think that he was an African or Arab sage who lived in the Prophet Solomon’s day. 

surah luqman benefits

This knowledgeable father is the subject of the Surah Luqman, which bears his name. It is full of advice and direction from Luqman to his son, highlighting the value of knowledge, devotion, and thankfulness to Allah. The Surah also exhorts individuals to treat their parents well and emphasizes the importance of parents in a child’s life.

Benefits of Surah Luqman

  • Reciting Surah Luqman is considered to make one a companion of Luqman on the Day of Judgement. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “Whoever recites surah Luqman will be the companion and friend of Luqman, and Allah will reward him ten times the number of those who enjoined the good and forbid evil.”
  • Additionally, it is believed that thirty angels will guard the individual who recites Surat Luqman.
  • Abu Ja‘far Muhammad ibn Ali narrated: “ whoever recites surah Luqman every night, thirty angels will protect him from the evils of Satan and his troops. Likewise, if it is recited in the morning, they will protect the person until night.”
  • The Prophet also said that reciting it cures internal diseases.

Why was Surah Luqman revealed?

One of the most significant principles that Surah Luqman, which was revealed to Muslims, teaches is to treat your parents well, regardless of their religious background. They are the ones who supported and nurtured you throughout your times of weakness. Always follow their instructions, be kind to them, and show them affection. They can only beg you to worship other gods, in which case you are not authorized to comply.

What is Surah Luqman about?

Principal subjects covered in the surah:

  • Since the Quran is a book of wisdom, it was delivered to lead us.
  • Luqman’s advice to his son.
  • The rights of parents.
  • Being good to your parents and following their instructions unless they instruct you to do shirk.

When was Surah Luqman revealed?

Around the time that surah ‘Ankabut was revealed, and in the midst of the Prophet’s stay in Mecca, the Al Quran revealed surah Luqman. Given that they both talk about related topics.

Where was Surah Luqman revealed?

The prophet received revelations of Surah Luqman in Mecca. With just 34 verses, surah number 31 of the holy Quran is full of insightful teachings.

Why the Surah was named Luqman?

Because the surah tells the story of Luqman and the wise counsel he provided his son, it was given the name Luqman. He was an intelligent, devout man.

Is Surat Luqman Makki or Madani?

Luqman Surah is a Makki Surah.

In which Para is Surat Luqman?

Surah Luqman, which has just 34 verses and is Surah number 31 in the holy Quran, is located in Para number 21.

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