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Qirat Quran Online

Learn Tajweed Quran Online

Learn Tajweed Quran Online

What Is Tajweed Quran?

The art of Tajweed is reading the Quran accurately and skillfully, just as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). Tajweed, in our opinion at Qirat Quran Online, is the cornerstone of a closer relationship with the القرآن (Quran). Being knowledgeable with Tajweed rules allows you to pronounce Arabic characters correctly, understand the importance of proper pauses and elongations, and recite the Quran with the respect it deserves. This makes it possible to understand the lesson found in the Quran on a deeper level.

Tajweed Quran Meaning

We at Qirat Quran Online are very proud of Tajweed. The word itself means “beautification” or “improvement,” and it refers to a system of rules for reading the Quran as precisely and elegantly as possible.

Learn Tajweed Quran With English Translation And Transliteration

Qirat Quran Online acknowledges the value of accessibility in Tajweed education.  For this reason, we provide a welcoming atmosphere for students who are unfamiliar with Arabic. Alongside the Arabic script, our curriculum includes translation and transliteration into English.  By using English letter representations, you can learn the right pronunciation and understand the meaning of the verses at the same time.

Online Tajweed Quran Course

We at Qirat Quran Online provide a thorough online Tajweed Quran course that will help you become an expert in Quran recitations.  All skill levels are catered for in our programme, from beginners to those looking to expand on their prior expertise.

Learn Tajweed Quran Rules Online

For Tajweed rules, we offer a useful and effective online learning environment. In our online Tajweed course, these basic principles are presented in easily understood and applicable bite-sized portions. You’ll get proficiency in reciting the Quran with grace, understand the importance of pausing and extending phrases, and learn how to pronounce Arabic characters correctly.

Learn Tajweed Quran Online Free

On our website, we provide free lessons, downloadable Tajweed charts, and educational video instructions.  These websites provide a basic explanation of the principles of Tajweed, including proper word pronunciation and Quran recitation.

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