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Benefits of Surah Humazah

Benefits of Surah Humazah :


With just 9 verses, Surah Humazah is the 104th surah in the holy Quran and offers numerous advantages to its recitation. Backbiting, harming, insulting, and slandering someone is not something to be taken lightly. The surah emphasizes such behavior and forewarns of what may occur in the hereafter.

Surah Humazah Benefits

Protection From Evil Eyes:

Reciting Surah Humazah might also be beneficial in warding off bad spirits. Breathe over the person who is afflicted with the evil eye after reading this Surah. The impact of evil eyes will undoubtedly disappear after this.

Treatment for Pain:

Another remedy for eye pain is to recite Surah Humazah, which should be done just before gently blowing into the eyes to relieve discomfort.

Spiritual and Physical Healing:

It’s supposed to be a powerful surah with strong spiritual and physically healing properties.

Spiritual Connection:

The spiritual connection that reading Surah Humazah fosters with Allah is one of its primary advantages. It is possible to make this connection by repeating this surah’s ayats. Furthermore, reading Surah Humazah makes one more pious and increases one’s faith in Allah.

Source of Infinite Blessings:

Believers can get the blessing of Allah and become closer to Him by reciting this Surah. This is, after all, the main advantage of reading Surah Humazah.

Protects From Enemies:

Al-Humazah’s recitation offers its reciter protection against evil and his adversaries. Thus, in order to protect ourselves from adversaries and the wickedness of Satan, we should recite this captivating surah a lot.

Prevents Horrible Death:

Without a doubt! Nobody can avoid death, which is one of the most important facts of our fleeting existence. However, we have to constantly ask Allah for a calm passing away and seek His protection against awful and unexpected deaths. Reciting Surah Al-Humazah can help save horrible deaths.

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